Humans of CHS

At the end of the first semester, it finally came time for me to complete my Visual Mass Media class final. The exam grade was made up of three different projects, with one of them being Humans Of CHS, modeled after the famous “Humans of New York” project. To be honest, it was rather awkward running up to someone and asking them a specific question you have selected for them. After a bit of complication, it became fun chasing down students and teachers alike because once they started talking, any uncomfortableness went out the window. 



“For my job I work at Beach music studios in Belmar and I usually just answer the phones , work the counter and mop up. You know that gig. Stuff like that. Yeah, it’s pretty fun. I had to plant palm trees outside and the dirt was filled with gross bugs and I was not about it.”


“I always thought languages were cool, especially when I was little. I thought it was nice how it was almost like a secret code… My grandpa’s from Gibraltar, I don’t know if you know where that is, it’s on the Iberian Peninsula, so he grew up speaking Spanish and my dad grew up speaking Spanish. Early on it was something I was super interested in during school, we started taking it in 7th grade and it was my favorite class. I like to memorize things and that helps when learning a language… Then I became more and more interested in literature, films, Latin American culture is super interesting to me because it’s a combination of European and indigenous culture, so that mix has created something very beautiful… Teaching Spanish is a lot of fun because you can do anything, you can do songs, you can do food, you can do a movie, you can do anything as long as you’re doing it in Spanish. So, I like to make it as interesting as possible and trick my students into learning and I hope that I’ve been successful in doing so.”



“… My parents were Jets fans since the league started, and I think it was in 1962. My parents got on the Jet bandwagon back in the Joe Namath days, in 1969 they went to Super Bowl III, and I was the youngest of 6 and everyone of my brothers and sisters and I got shuffled off to an aunt or an uncle or grandparents house so that my parents could go. That was in 1969 and unfortunately the Jets haven’t won since. … My parents have had season tickets since the early 60s and then in 1991 my husband and I moved back to New Jersey after being away for 5 years, and my parents were retiring and they offered the tickets to the family. My husband and I took them, so we’ve been going now for 25 years, we’re season ticket holders. It’s just a passion of mine that I love the Jets and we have good years and bad years, most are bad but we take it with a grain of salt and move on.”



It started in second grade because I had the biggest crush on this one girl Samantha, to the point I even “married” her, which was an amazing thing. And we became best of friends because that’s what you do with your wife. Samantha introduced me to Pokemon um she was like ‘oh it’s on Cartoon Network you should really watch it, it’s a video game.’ At that point I really wasn’t into video games, I played the Nintendo DS sudoku. … I went home that night and I tried waiting, waiting, waiting for Cartoon Network to finally show Pokemon, and when it finally did… it was so cool! I had never seen any of these weird monsters before. Of course I became obsessed,  and tried my hardest to learn all, I think at that point it was 389, Pokemon. It’s since grown to 852. It’s just fun, I know all of them.


The image of “Despicable Me” was created with confidence and thought. From the beginning of the film, the color of each scene reflected the tone of the movie. Happiness with a bit of comedy proved to be the central idea throughout the movie. As the time progressed, the colors in the costumes and background intensified, reflecting the relationship between the main character Gru, and the girls. As an aspiring artist, I found the connection between tone and image to be very fascinating. The director created this idea very secretly but confidently. “Despicable Me” has engaged the minds of many young children because of this.”


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