Humans of CHS

At the end of the first semester, it finally came time for me to complete my Visual Mass Media class final. The exam grade was made up of three different projects, with one of them being Humans Of CHS, modeled after the famous “Humans of New York” project. To be honest, it was rather awkward […]

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Black Backdrop

I put off taking these photos until the last minute out of fear of being stuck taking pictures for and hour or so. I should have known better. With a subject this pretty, the shots aren’t that hard to take. For the past 3 years that I have known Shannon, her natural beauty always stuns […]

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Christmas 2016

I’m woman enough to admit that I should probably stick to writing when it comes to photography. Yet, I never stop trying to get a good shot! Even if it means getting on the floor or climbing chairs, I’m always looking looking to improve. With my trusty camera I set out this holiday to capture […]

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