VO/SOT/VO Paul Yaron / Dad

As the last part of my Journalism final, I had to show proficiency in reporting a feature video story. My dad, Paul Yaron, ┬áis one of the most hardworking people I know, and has always had my back growing up. It seemed only right to interview him on his passion for sailing that has stayed […]

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Life in a Day

This video follows me through my day, to show what a normal day looks like for me. It was a final project for my journalism class. This is me, and the people I see through my typical day. This was honestly one of the most fun projects I’ve had to do this year, and I’m […]

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My Letter to the President

When our teacher asked us what was one thing we’d want the future president to know, there was 500 things that came to mind. Yet, for me, I focused in on my crusade to help those suffering from mental illness’ live a better life. When my class voted to send me speaking and another girls […]

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